Heat Repair

Heat Pump
Heat Pumps

For heat repair or installation, call Adams Heating & Cooling. A high-efficiency heat pump will remove humidity far better than a standard AC which means less energy used, money saved and a cooler home or business.

HVAC Compressors
Compressors & Refrigerant

To cool, your unit works by transforming a refrigerant compound from a gas to a liquid and back again, this is a continuous cycle. Air conditioners consist of these four basic mechanical parts: a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

Air Handlers
Air Handlers & Coils

Air Handlers are the indoor part of your heating and cooling system and the air handler circulates both cool and hot air, depending on the season. Correctly matched with a heat pump or air conditioner, an air handler will help you maximize efficiency.

Duct Work
Duct Work & Wiring

Installing quality ductwork is essential for heat and cool air to be distributed efficiently throughout your home or business. Proper maintenance of duct parts help HVAC systems function at high levels for years. Call us for heat repair and service.